Who are we?

Playback Theatre York began in 1991. The Company is made up of professional actors, teachers, managers and therapists who have extensive expertise in working with different groups of people in a range of settings.

Several members of the company have trained in the USA with Jonathan Fox who founded the original playback theatre company in the 1970s.

In 1999 Playback Theatre York hosted a major international playback conference with companies from 23 countries. We perform regularly in educational settings, for professional organisations, at conferences and in educational and health settings. We can also perform at celebrations such as farewells, birthdays or wedding parties.

2 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. Anne Harrison

    I am a therapist, and have just come across Playback Theatre as part of a conference, and wondered about joining a local group. I live in Richmond, and it appears that the York group maybe the nearest. As I haven’t had any training in this, is it possible to just join a group?
    Anne Harrison

    1. yorkplayback Post author

      Anne. my name is Steve Nash, from Playback Theatre York. I have just been fixing some problems with our website, and I see that you contacted us a few months back, and I’m not sure if you received a response. In brief, yes, most people do start by just joining a group, but there is training available eg http://www.playbackschooluk.org/

      From time to time we take in new people to the York group so if you are still interested please get back to us, probably best to email Nick Rowe directly and tell us a bit about yourself. With best wshes, Steve Nash


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